Saturday February  4

The conference starts at 12 PM and wraps up at 5:30 PM.

12: 00 PM Registration

12:30 PM An Injury to the Earth Is an Injury to All

As environmental destruction grows, people are realizing how our diverse struggles for liberation are tied to the liberation of earth itself. In this, we must understand that justice for Indigenous people and the environment rely on each other just as they both rely on the end of capitalism.


 1:50 PM Elections, Social Movements, & Real Change

Recent elections have been disappointing. Trudeau has not delivered change as promised. Some are now putting their faith in the BC NDP, while others feel elections are a waste of time. Marxists, on the other hand, use elections to advance the social movements that make real change.


 3:00 PM Break

Time to eat some snacks, have a few friendly chats, and look at the revolutionary books we'll have on sale


 3:15 PM Resisting the rise of the “alt – right”

Fascists are openly marching in the streets of Europe, Trump has won the US election, and here in Vancouver small groups of white supremacists are organizing. As history has shown, we must come together to fight the right no matter what name it goes under, be it the National “Socialism” of old or the more recent “Alt”-Right.


 4:30 PM Socialism From Below

Marxism was founded on the principle of working class self-emancipation. Socialism, therefore, is to be created by the workers themselves below, not handed down from party or state saviours above. The International Socialists are dedicated to maintaining this Marxist principle by organizing as part of the working class.


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